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Mighty Man Of Valor David L. Forbes

Mighty Man Of Valor

David L. Forbes

Published July 8th 2013
Kindle Edition
31 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book illustrates what it takes to become a mighty man of valor, even if you assume that you’re not capable of doing what may be possible, but going far beyond what seems possible, and do what is virtually impossible without a major supernatural miracle. In these last days, we will be facing obstacles that will require Gods supernatural power to overcome not only the overwhelming odds against us, but also His supernatural power to block Satan’s powers being directed toward us. There are many parallels presented as to how Israel’s past can give insight on how to overcome The New World Order. Then turn our defense into offense against his supernatural principalities and powers, to destroy the workings of the kingdom of darkness, and their strongholds and to release those held captive. With God nothing is impossible.