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Obsession: The Unauthorized Secret Life of Calvin Klein Steven Gaines

Obsession: The Unauthorized Secret Life of Calvin Klein

Steven Gaines

ISBN : 9780399138218
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 About the Book 

For more than a quarter century Calvin Klein, one of the most brilliant and honored designers in the world, has attracted an enormous following and unparalleled curiosity. The genius behind a $2-billion-a-year fashion empire, Klein is one of the greatest trendsetters and most recognizable celebrities of our time. His quintessentially American styles, his controversial erotic advertising, and his trademark on jeans, underwear, and fragrances have made his name known around the world. Yet the private man behind the dazzling image has until now remained a mystery. With Obsession, bestselling author Steven Gaines and investigative reporter Sharon Churcher trace Calvin Kleins steady rise from a modest background in the Bronx to his $5-million beach-front mansion in East Hampton. This is a compulsively readable tale of fashion, power, and self-creation - a riveting business story of an ambitious man who scaled his way to the top of New Yorks cutthroat garment industry, building an influential and far-reaching financial kingdom. The result of years of research and more than a thousand candid interviews with intimates, lovers, and business associates, Obsession also brims with personal revelations, many as shocking as they are fascinating. With extraordinary and unprecedented detail, the authors chronicle the collapse of Kleins first marriage, his glittering nights at that paradigm of seventies discos, Studio 54, his weekend escapes in the summer mecca of the Fire Island Pines, the terrifying kidnapping of his daughter, Marci, and the inside story of his secret romantic obsessions and his alcohol and drug abuse. Here, too, is the story of his marriage to Kelly Klein and their refined,redefined lifestyle. Already hailed as an engrossing American success story (Booklist), this explosive biography reveals the real Calvin Klein - intelligent and creative, self-indulgent and driven, a man plagued by dark demons while basking in the spotlight of fame. As it follows Kle