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Έκσταση Menelaos Lountemis


Menelaos Lountemis

Published 1976
Leather Bound
141 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Menelaos Lountemis (Greek: Mενέλαος Λουντέμης) is the literary pseudonym of Dimitris Balasiadis, one of the most profound and important Greek writers of the past century. Influenced by writers ranging from Dostoyevsky to Proudon and mostly influenced by his own experiences of his hard life, Lountemis mostly wrote about the poor and the strugle for a better life. A communist and an atheist himself, he soon exceeded his ifluences, creating a unique style of humanitarian literature. His books have been translated in more than 50 languages and read by people around the world. He was born in 1912. From 1925 to January 1929 he studied at the High school of Edessa. As a young student he worked at summers at the villages of Almopia as a schoolteacher. He also worked as a kitchen-boy, chanter, office employee, actor in travelling theaters and other occupations. He was imprisoned in Makronisos for his political ideas and later he was exiled from Greece, along with hundrends of thousands of Greek communists after the end of the Greek civil war, in 1949. He died from a cardiac arrect on 22 January 1977, hardly one year after his return in his homeland after many decades of exile. He was burried in the 1st Cemetery of Athens.