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Love, Sex & the Wrong Bride Katia Lief

Love, Sex & the Wrong Bride

Katia Lief

Kindle Edition
237 pages
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 About the Book 

DAWN CAN STILL SEE THE TAN LINE WHERE HER ENGAGEMENT RING USED TO BE.Laugh-aloud funny. --Publishers WeeklyDawn is still in love with Hank, who dumped her forChristine--and theyre living together now. But when Dawn realizes howmuch Hank misses her, and might even regret their breakup, the game ison.Dating in 1980s Manhattan is confusing enough. Then MikeBlitsky--a.k.a. Mike Mauvais of Misled Mikes Marvelous Men, atransvestite escort service--bursts into Dawns life when she becomesthe editor of a tell-all memoir hes writing to pay for his legaldefense. Unbeknownst to Dawn, Hank is Mikes lawyer, defending himagainst charges of running a male prostitution ring. Dawns friendKatherine, a doctoral student in eighteenth century literature, is hiredto do research for Mikes book. With everyone working at crosspurposes, the result is a modern day comedy of errors that doesnt windup until the wedding bouquet goes flying in the final scene.Wonderfully funny and terribly true.--Fay WeldonUrban, hip, sad, funny, a tipsy walk on the wild side.--Malcolm Bosse